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Poultry Solutions

The New Standard Group has designed and installed equipment in over 100 poultry barns in the United States and Canada. Our team has the expertise to draw up a barn design that fits the needs of your operation. We will equip your barn with the latest technology and systems that reduce stress among your birds. In all of our barn designs, poultry or swine, our number one goal is to make the animals comfortable. When they are less stressed they are healthier, which leads to less mortality and more production.

Increasing Production and Decreasing Mortality Rates

We aim to design tunnel ventilation systems that give you better control over barn temperature, decrease mortality rates, and add to your bottom line. The high velocity air movement of tunnel ventilation cool the birds much more efficiently than conventional ventilation systems. These systems do not just cool pockets of the barn. Since air is moved uniformly and constantly, our systems allow you to control the temperature of the entire barn more effectively.

Our goal with all of our barn designs and equipment is to reduce animal stress and increase animal performance. Tunnel ventilation is the most effective ventilation system in achieving this goal. Learn more about tunnel ventilation.

Investment and Operating Costs

Redesigning your poultry barn and transitioning to tunnel ventilation is obviously a sizable investment. Tunnel ventilation also typically uses more electricity to operate than natural ventilation. With that said, we design our barns and tunnel ventilation with the end goal in mind: increase production and increase profit margins.

With our poultry barn designs, you are able to regulate temperature more consistently, causing less heat stress which will decrease your mortality rate and increase your bird production. This increase in production far outweighs the cost of installing and operating your new ventilation system.

The New Standard Group does not believe in designing poorly planned and inefficient barns. We believe cutting corners to save money on capital investment will cost you more in the long run. We want to put a building together that is not only going to increase your production, but also be easier to work in and manage. In the end, production and profit margins will increase, outweighing the extra investment costs, if you design and build a smart and efficient barn.